Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama gives posthumous praise for Sand Land game

  • Evelyn Young
  • Apr 28, 2024
  • 28
Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama gives posthumous praise for Sand Land game

The gaming community celebrates the release of Bandai Namco's "Sand Land," a game inspired by Akira Toriyama's manga series that debuted in 2000. This release coincides with a poignant moment following the legendary creator's passing last month. Toriyama, known for his monumental work on Dragon Ball and influential character designs in series like Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger, left behind a legacy admired across the manga and gaming industries.

Earlier this year, in January, Toriyama shared his impressions of the new game, expressing that although he hadn’t explored all its gameplay, he was impressed by its ability to broaden the original manga’s universe. He commended the additional elements and high quality that made it a satisfying action RPG, noting its excellent graphics and the intriguing new world of Forest Land. Despite claiming to only play casual games, Toriyama’s familiarity with trending games gave him confidence in recommending "Sand Land."

However, the game's official social media post that shared these insights curiously downplayed the reference to his recent death, merely noting the date of his comment in small print.

Toriyama’s death at 68 has been widely mourned, with a statement on the official Dragon Ball website expressing deep regret over his ongoing projects and potential future contributions. His creative spirit continues to inspire, and his recent endorsement of "Sand Land" serves as a reminder of his enduring influence in the world of entertainment.

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