Unveiling the Secrets to Crafting with Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter World

  • Evelyn Young
  • Jan 30, 2024
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Unveiling the Secrets to Crafting with Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter World

Aspiring hunters of the New World ever stumbled upon a blueprint that calls for something as eerily named Sinister Cloth? This rare fabric, intertwined with mystery, is a gatekeeper for one of the more unique armor sets in Monster Hunter World. So, dear hunter, if you crave to don the Death Stench set, with its dragon damage bonuses and stylish grim aura, it's time to learn how to procure this elusive material. The journey for Sinister Cloth is indirectly thrilling, as your success lies in the paws of your trusty Palico companions. It’s like sending out scouts into a world rife with adventure and anticipating their triumphant return with the spoils of their expeditions. Let's chart the path to equipping yourself with the knowledge to secure this ghostly cloth.

Step 1: Understanding the Tailrider Safari

Understanding the Tailrider Safari

Before diving headfirst into the hunt for Sinister Cloth, one must become acquainted with the concept of the Tailrider Safari. These safaris are not your usual monster skirmishes but instead, missions that your Palico, along with others borrowed from fellow hunters or from your list of friends or squads, undertake on your behalf.

Step 2: Gaining Access to the Tailrider Safari

Your initiation into utilizing the Tailrider Safari begins at the Research Base. Engage in conversations with the researchers there; their wisdom is foundational for this venture. Next, retire to your room in Astera or the Seliana Gathering Hub and seek out the counsel of your Housekeeper, Palico. With a click of a dial and a purr of a chat, you can now navigate to the option to dispatch a Tailrider Safari. It is a straightforward task where your choice of region and targeted monsters may sway your fortunes toward acquiring Sinister Cloth.

Step 3: Selecting Your Safari Destination

Selecting Your Safari Destination

Step forward and choose your region. Whether the lush Ancient Forest whispers to your soul or the scorched Wildspire Waste calls to your spirit of adventure, select a route that lists large monster targets. These glorious beasts unwittingly cloak your prize, the Sinister Cloth. Make a mental note that sighting a Bazelgeuse or Deviljho on your list escalates your chances of success, irrespective of the domain they roam.

Step 4: Patience and Persistence in Your Pursuit

Embark on the safari and await the return of your feline allies. The Tailrider Safaris operates on a timeline linking to the number of quests you undertake. For every mission or expedition you complete, the safari progresses. As such, go forth and engage in quests, and with each return, anticipate the possible treasure that may now lie within your Housekeeper's report.

Step 5: Reap the Rewards of the Safari

Reap the Rewards of the Safari

Upon the successful return of your Tailrider Safari, consult with your Housekeeper once more to reap what has been sown. If luck and chance have smiled upon you, among the bounty may lie the Sinister Cloth. Do not be disheartened if the cloth does not appear on your first attempt; the rarity is part of its charm. It warrants patience and persistence, so send out more safaris, and your diligence will pay off eventually.

Step 6: Crafting with the Sinister Cloth

Now, with Sinister Cloth in hand, a visit to the Smithy is in order. Present your materials, and your blacksmith will craft them into the formidable Death Stench gear, boasting enhancement bonuses for your weapon and skills. It’s a fine reward for your endeavor, wrapping you not just in a mantle of strength but also in the undeniable satisfaction of having conquered a challenge that's as much about strategy and patience as it is about hunting prowess.

Begin your pursuit of Sinister Cloth with gumption, knowing that in Monster Hunter World, not every valuable item is claimed through direct confrontation with monstrous behemoths. Sometimes, it's the quiet planning and delegation to your whiskered companions that brings you triumphs of a different kind. Good luck on your Tailrider Safaris, and may your armor exude the eerie magnificence you seek!

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